1. How do I move my practice to A.Admin?

We take care of the whole process for you. We will change the contact details with BHF and all the medical aids as well as register your practice with our software company. We will liaise with your previous administrators for a smooth transition.

2. How do I get my accounts to you?

All documentation can either be delivered, collected or sent electronically via Submitt, WhatsApp, email, Dropbox or Google Drive.

3. Do you administrate Foreign, RMA, RAF, WCA, FEMA accounts?

Yes, we make use of different specialists in this field.

4. How much do you charge?

We bill only on what we collect for you, between 5-8%

5. Which reports and statistics can I expect?

– Monthly age analysis
– Medical aid and electronic payment reports
– Stats on patients and turnover as well as bad debts and income
– Any other reports can be provided upon request

“Anaesthetic administrators has been involved in the billing for my anaesthetic practice since 2006. During this period, they have provided an excellent service.

Their average collection rate for my practice has been 98% with a handover rate of 2% of wich approximately 50% has been collected. They also provide a monthly analysis of the account status (monies billed/collected, book debt etc.)

I have been more than satisfied with the performance during our longstanding relationship.”

– Dr IW Tweedie